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Welcome to Top of Westney, we're proud of our friendly community, and hope you will be too...

Forms that need completing before you move in...

The following forms need filling out to comply with the Condominium Act 1998, and the Emergency Powers Act.  You can choose to fill out the forms on line and submit them electronically or print the form and fill them out.  Some forms are government forms and are not available to fill on-line.

Resident Owner Information Form

Elevator Reservation Form

COVID-19 Liability Waiver

Agreement to Receive Notices Electronically.pdf

Alternate Printable Forms

Printable Elevator Reservation Form (2020).pdf

Resident Owner Information Form 2018.pdf

Condominium Insurance

The Corporation strongly recommends that you obtain Condominium Insurance.  Here are some articles explaining why you should obtain it.

The Case for Unit Owners’ Insurance.pdf

CondoGoldBrochure (1).pdf

Insurance Responsibilities.pdf

Living in a Condominium

Living in a Condominium is different from living in a house, although you own the suite, you own the building as a shareholder in the Condominium Corporation along with other owners of your community.  Because the building is shared  others have to be considered too, and any upgrades to your unit have to be done properly, if not it can impact other owners.  There are many rules to living in a Condominium and you have to be prepared to live within those rules, so consider this carefully.  The document link below outlines many of the common things you have to be aware of about Condo life.

This document is issued by the Condominium Authority of Ontario and outlines what is involved in living in a Condominium.  

Condo Buyers Guide